As I think back to the very first rodeo I ever went to ( had to been about three, rodeo is a big part of where I am from and town shuts down for the rodeo) something spoke to me when they opened the gate and set up those three barrels and let the girls run and around three barrels and back home, all in 15 seconds or less!!! as I got older the voice got stronger to the point now where even writing this blog makes me tear up because I really think its my calling, how else could something like that make your soul scream for it.The power and love and trust and the freedom you feel when seeing a horse run, strikes you to your core, how could you not want feel that and to feel that in an arena with people in the stands cheering you on,must be amazing! I will be working the patter (barrel race patter) this spring with my horse buddy and I can’t wait, I have a few friends well one main one who is a barrel racer and she is the most amazing sweet hearted, wild girl I have ever met and me being 31 and her also being 31 I pray someday to grow up and be just like her lol . the bond that you must have between you and that 1200 pound animal must be unshakeable, and you have to put all your trust into that animal, this is not football, that 1200 pound animal has a mind of its own and if it don’t want to go it’s not going if it don’t want you on it, you’re not staying! lol, so that’s what I have been working on with my horses. building a relation ship with the animal from the ground up it’s a lot work ,a lot of hours but I can’t wait to get started back up I am kinda shut down right now with it being -10 out and all, and I am hoping the minute it warms back up I will have the time to be 100% dedicated to just him and actually be able to run my first barrel race this summer!

Getting ready for 2015

2015  is going to be one of those hang on to your britches kinda years I can feel it already with reseeding the big fields,buying our cows this spring and putting stalls up in the barn and getting ready to breed my half Clydesdale mare to a full Clydesdale. it’s going to be busy busy busy,we got one 4 acre section cleared of all the brush and ready to plant corn, cleared off another 2 acre lot to put in a pond for our own fish and to water the corn in the other lot We started the revamp of a old pig barn into our new horse barn. Removing 45 cement pins all with wiring and metal that had to be removed, thank the lord for a bobcat it got the job done in no time!It’s been long hours every weekend to get this place ready but it’s been so fun and so rewarding knowing what’s to come in the future! We are so looking forward to 2015! 

The Family Farm


With big ag. taking over the farm world in america, the small farmer is all but gone. and with the way video games and t.v is taking over the youth there is no need to be outside. So we have taken it back to basics! We recently moved out of the hustle and bustle of Colorado (even the most remote part was still to busy) and moved to Utah to a little town out side of vernal in the Uintah basin, where there is nothing but hay fields all around us! Its amazing, we convinced my parents of a plan, a plan to bring back the small family farm, to bring it back to basics and back to the love of man and land and animals! Well it worked! my parents moved in and the adventure has already started! long-term goal to be as successful as you can be at homesteading a place, raising your own beef, goats, chickens and hay, corn and horses. Making your own butter,farm fresh eggs rolling your own oats, canning enough to keep you through the winter to get away from Wal-Mart  we are only almost a year into it and its been such an amazing eye opener to be able to grow your own food and think for the future of turning a profit at it. The work is always rewarding and every morning you cant wait to see the animals, and whats sprouting and changing and growing! But not everyone agrees? everyone we have told what we are doing thinks that we have lost our mind!”how can you live with your parents?””how can you move in with your kids?” these questions have people baffled at the idea that they lose what we are trying to say which is it’s a FAMILY FARM. Family’s have lost so much, you hardly see family reunions anymore and to get together for a birthdays you have to drag everyone kicking and screaming, somewhere along the way everyone has lost sight of being a family and working through the hard times together, 50 to 60 years ago this is how everyone lived, America has become so cut off and distant from each other that no one talks, no one wants family get together’s, well we want Family get together’s and family outings and being tight nit! We want to work the land together and get the reward together. We see the big picture and havent lost our minds and we are not crazy! it’s all about being as self-reliant as one can get and about making a living doing what you love! Its been so wonderful having so much love and laughter under one roof, cooking and cleaning and chores all come together like it was supposed to be and there is no complaining from the man folk who don’t mind two woman in the kitchen lol. I am so excited for this year to come with planting a huge 1 acre garden, planting fruit trees and canning in the fall! I think no matter what their is no way you can fail when you have the love of family!

Morning Chores 

Well we finally have winter here in the basin! It’s cold out and the cold early morning fresh air is amazing! The before dawn feeding of the animals is my favorite time of day. The horses, the cow,the chickens,the goats, the dogs and the however many wid and tame cats. Everyone knows what time it is and the perfect still morning comes awake with the sounds of roosters,horse snorts and mooing, it is truly a amazing time to be awake and up and at-um. This year we are a little more advanced with electric water heaters and heat lamps last year was a bit of a work out with us living completely off grid braking ice 4 times a day was not my cup of tea, it was rewarding but not fun, not so much! This year we moved into a real house! And everything is electric talk about going from one extreme to another. we are still trying to find new ways to save what we can and be as self sufficient as we possibly can be. The new way of life has made morning feed time a lot easier with runing water and none freeze hoses, I don’t think we could beable to expand and accomplish our dream farm without all the amenities we now have!