Morning Chores 

Well we finally have winter here in the basin! It’s cold out and the cold early morning fresh air is amazing! The before dawn feeding of the animals is my favorite time of day. The horses, the cow,the chickens,the goats, the dogs and the however many wid and tame cats. Everyone knows what time it is and the perfect still morning comes awake with the sounds of roosters,horse snorts and mooing, it is truly a amazing time to be awake and up and at-um. This year we are a little more advanced with electric water heaters and heat lamps last year was a bit of a work out with us living completely off grid braking ice 4 times a day was not my cup of tea, it was rewarding but not fun, not so much! This year we moved into a real house! And everything is electric talk about going from one extreme to another. we are still trying to find new ways to save what we can and be as self sufficient as we possibly can be. The new way of life has made morning feed time a lot easier with runing water and none freeze hoses, I don’t think we could beable to expand and accomplish our dream farm without all the amenities we now have!

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