The Family Farm


With big ag. taking over the farm world in america, the small farmer is all but gone. and with the way video games and t.v is taking over the youth there is no need to be outside. So we have taken it back to basics! We recently moved out of the hustle and bustle of Colorado (even the most remote part was still to busy) and moved to Utah to a little town out side of vernal in the Uintah basin, where there is nothing but hay fields all around us! Its amazing, we convinced my parents of a plan, a plan to bring back the small family farm, to bring it back to basics and back to the love of man and land and animals! Well it worked! my parents moved in and the adventure has already started! long-term goal to be as successful as you can be at homesteading a place, raising your own beef, goats, chickens and hay, corn and horses. Making your own butter,farm fresh eggs rolling your own oats, canning enough to keep you through the winter to get away from Wal-Mart  we are only almost a year into it and its been such an amazing eye opener to be able to grow your own food and think for the future of turning a profit at it. The work is always rewarding and every morning you cant wait to see the animals, and whats sprouting and changing and growing! But not everyone agrees? everyone we have told what we are doing thinks that we have lost our mind!”how can you live with your parents?””how can you move in with your kids?” these questions have people baffled at the idea that they lose what we are trying to say which is it’s a FAMILY FARM. Family’s have lost so much, you hardly see family reunions anymore and to get together for a birthdays you have to drag everyone kicking and screaming, somewhere along the way everyone has lost sight of being a family and working through the hard times together, 50 to 60 years ago this is how everyone lived, America has become so cut off and distant from each other that no one talks, no one wants family get together’s, well we want Family get together’s and family outings and being tight nit! We want to work the land together and get the reward together. We see the big picture and havent lost our minds and we are not crazy! it’s all about being as self-reliant as one can get and about making a living doing what you love! Its been so wonderful having so much love and laughter under one roof, cooking and cleaning and chores all come together like it was supposed to be and there is no complaining from the man folk who don’t mind two woman in the kitchen lol. I am so excited for this year to come with planting a huge 1 acre garden, planting fruit trees and canning in the fall! I think no matter what their is no way you can fail when you have the love of family!

2 thoughts on “The Family Farm

  1. Good words and Good work! At 50 and having raised two kids in a rural community and keeping things simple…..growing and raising our own food, celebrating rural traditions, engaging in family and community, I can speak for the value this involves. I see it in my kids who are now going forward in their own lives with solid values and a sense of their own responsibility to……. themselves, others, and the world around them ( most specifically the precious natural world we share). Happy to be reading your blog! denise

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