As I think back to the very first rodeo I ever went to ( had to been about three, rodeo is a big part of where I am from and town shuts down for the rodeo) something spoke to me when they opened the gate and set up those three barrels and let the girls run and around three barrels and back home, all in 15 seconds or less!!! as I got older the voice got stronger to the point now where even writing this blog makes me tear up because I really think its my calling, how else could something like that make your soul scream for it.The power and love and trust and the freedom you feel when seeing a horse run, strikes you to your core, how could you not want feel that and to feel that in an arena with people in the stands cheering you on,must be amazing! I will be working the patter (barrel race patter) this spring with my horse buddy and I can’t wait, I have a few friends well one main one who is a barrel racer and she is the most amazing sweet hearted, wild girl I have ever met and me being 31 and her also being 31 I pray someday to grow up and be just like her lol . the bond that you must have between you and that 1200 pound animal must be unshakeable, and you have to put all your trust into that animal, this is not football, that 1200 pound animal has a mind of its own and if it don’t want to go it’s not going if it don’t want you on it, you’re not staying! lol, so that’s what I have been working on with my horses. building a relation ship with the animal from the ground up it’s a lot work ,a lot of hours but I can’t wait to get started back up I am kinda shut down right now with it being -10 out and all, and I am hoping the minute it warms back up I will have the time to be 100% dedicated to just him and actually be able to run my first barrel race this summer!

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