Up late

last night before I tucked myself in bed I looked out my bathroom window to see where the horses are in the field like I do every night, but something was different, my horse buddy was pawing at the ground and shaking his head. I knew something was wrong, I put on my coat and boots and grabbed a halter and ran out to see what was wrong, he was soaked to the bone and shivering, I started walking him not knowing if he was colicing or just had a bad seizure but I new I had to get him warm, after a hour of walking circles and rubbing him down he was starting to get warm I gave him food to see if he would eat and he did so thank heavens he wasn’t colicing! It was just a really bad seizure. Buddy is impressive bred and has hypp which is a reaction or intolerance to potassium but with what I have seen it acts a lot like a diabetic, if he gets to much sugar he has a seizure, if he doesn’t have enough sugar he has a seizure. His seizures are now far and few but every once in awhile he has a bad one. I have to make sure to always feed the same amount and at the exact same time or he has a seizure. He always seems to know when he’s with me he’s safe he puts his head on my shoulder and we walk as it’s hard for him to keep his head up and breath but we walk slow because he can’t see as sometimes his third eyelid rolls over and he can’t see and he has no balance because every muscle and organ in his body is contracting and him being a horse he is terrified every time so our little walk session really helps work it out of his system because he knows he’s safe with me. I have never had a animal teach me so much, and it’s a amazing feeling to know that when he can’t see or breath or barely walk he puts all his trust in me. That must say something about the kind of person I am. I didn’t get to bed until every bit of midnight but it was worth it to know my best friend was going to be ok.this is buddy, and a great photo to show how much muscle he has from being impressive bred.

Pipeliners wife

It has been a full week since he got on the plane, it’s been ok. I have been keeping myself busy with re decorating our bed room and taking care of the farm. It’s never easy when he’s gone I love him so much and can’t wait tell I can kiss his sweet face again, but I know I still have two or three more weeks I hope they go by just as fast. I love how hard he works and what he has sacrificed for us to have this wonderful life we have! I love you baby your the best husband ever! Below is a pic of the pipeline he is laying in Alaska. 

Chickens 3

Today the flock is out in full force, digging for bugs, clucking, and crowing! I think they are as happy about the warm sunshine as I am. We are up to 11 eggs now ! With all the chickens in a not so well fenced run we expected a few if not all to escape, but nope we only have one and she is so funny, she goes and eats with the horses and with the cow Norman and sometimes hangs out on the back step so guess this means she is a “free range” chicken . 

Hello sunshine!

Well it happened the sun finally came out and there is not a single cloud in the sky. It’s so wonderful to sit on the back patio and soak up all this wonderful sunshine and to be able to see for hundreds of miles in every direction! I am so blessed right now! 

The farm

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been crazy around here. With the oil price being so slow everyone around here got laid off and my husband had to go to Alaska. It’s been bitter cold here, haven’t seen the sun in a week. I have been over feeding the horses and cow like crazy because it’s so cold. The goats don’t seem to mind but the horses are not happy, with frozen ears and frozen beards they haven’t been moving around a lot and I feel so bad. I can’t wait for it to warm up! 

Pipeliner’s wife 

A phone call from Alaska, all is well, just waiting for the phone call that says he’s past his weld test. This is always the most stressful time and I can’t stand it, test days have always been my worst days waiting and wondering and worried. I love all the stories he tells when he calls, about people he’s met and talked to and all the fun things he’s seen, sometimes it breaks my heart I can’t be with him to share in all the fun . Good luck babe hope you do good on your test today.

A photo he sent me from kenai Alaska