It starts! 

Happy new year everyone! Well we made it to 2015 and everyone has a boost of energy today! Mom got up early and made everyone awesome Paleo omelettes ,man were they yummy! While I was getting ready for the day I seen my hubby outside already hard at work cleaning out the horses feet, they seem to be getting snow pack pretty bad,can’t wait for the barn to be done so next year we won’t have to worry about that. He went and got hay and was bobcat bound clearing snow off the new job pad and cleaning everything up and getting ready to put up supports for the new big barn door. Mom and dad are busy building shelves  for our storage/mud room in the garage. I think the new year has everyone ready and excited for what’s to come and I am too I have already been looking at cows to buy and what’s going to be the best route to take as we want to raise all heritage and conservation animals or as my mom would say the short leg farm! Lol as we are looking for mini dexters, mini jerseys and it all started with our new puppy quigley the corgi I don’t think any of us had any idea how awesome short legs where until we got him ! He is the funniest little guy ever! So we decided to do all mini animals plus the cost of food is less and you get more bang for your buck so to say. So with that being said its time to get back out side and help where I can! Happy new year everyone! 

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