Lets talk fat!

Years ago this fad of low-fat, no fat took the food market by storm, and I will be honest I was one of the ones who jumped on the band wagon ready to lose weight…WRONG I didn’t lose weight, all I did was clog my body up with all that genetically modified bull crap they pump into our food. So over that last 4 months I have been eating paleo along with crazy high fat, and let me tell you something I feel twenty times better than I ever have, I can think clearer and I sleep the best sleep I have had in as long as I can remember, I have energy and not to mention have lost weight, all because of fat??? Yes because of fat, our brains need fat to function, we were not made to process all this fat-free stuff, have you read the ingredients in fat-free ice cream its insane! the amount of stuff that can go into something so simple just to shave off some calories and fat. Not worth it in my book, My every morning consists of a cup of coffee with 1 heaping spoon full of butter, yes butter, whole organic butter, two heaping spoons full of organic coconut oil and 3 spoons full of local honey and man is it good and it keeps me full and ready for the day until about noon and then I eat whatever good for you whole organic foods covered in butter or bacon grease I eat four times less food now then when I was eating low-fat no fat, fat makes you full, which is part of the reason for starting our own farm no hormones no g.m.o’s no filler, no b.s . our body is our temple and we have to take care of it, people in the 40’s and 50’s didn’t have fat-free and the old-time farmers didn’t eat out,they ate what they grew and fried a lot of stuff mostly in bacon grease or lard and they didn’t die of heart attacks, cancer, they didn’t live as long as we do now days but they didn’t die from what most are dying from now days, Just some food for thought.


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