“Cowgirl up” a term used that means to toughen up,to have a thick skin. All my life u could say I have been a bit soft, every time I have fallen I have laid there and balled, every time someone looked at me cross eyed,I balled and boy’s… yeah I balled. I wasn’t always a cowgirl I grew up country but ran as far away from it as I could leaving behind all my good country friends, which if I would of stayed friends with I would have cowgirled up a lot sooner. But I didn’t ,I did the whole goth thing, the whole skater thing ,the whole punk rock thing and then when I hit about twenty I came back to my roots and had a lot thicker skin. My husband use to give me the lecture all the time that I need to “cowgirl up “and be tougher and have a thicker skin! Today I am blown away by how cowgirl tough I have become and it didn’t hit me until it literally hit me the other day. I was out cleaning the snowballs out of the horses feet ,we have three :Gwen the half Clyde, buddy who is impressive bred and a little on the slow side he has the mentality of a golden retriever, and jewel my husbands older yet a little hot headed horse. Well I did buddy’s feet and as I was cleaning them out my husband came home and was talking to me as I was going about my business, then I moved on to jewels feet ,got them all done and as I stood up I was still talking to my husband about the day’s events and walking around the back side of jewel….. she kicked me, kicked me right in the stomach, well, let me tell u what, I didn’t even flinch, I didn’t quiver , my eyes didn’t even water up to my amazement I just kept walking turned and looked at her and called her a few choice words and I went on to gwens feet my husband was astonished he laughed and said “oh my god, she just kicked you” I said yeah she sucks and then we laughed  because he also knows how easy I cry. As we were talking about it later that evening and still laughing about how calm I reacted, he said to me well I guess u have finally “cowgirled up” for him to say that to me made my day I felt like I had finally joined the club and I’m tough enough to do anything ! I am so proud of myself and thank everyone that has helped me become tougher and rougher! I am so proud to be a cowgirl now and I’m so ashamed I ran so far from it ,but the past is the past and you can’t change it! You can only cowgirl up and move on and be the best toughest person that you can be! 

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