Registering a brand

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Today was a big day in the Iron horse ranch world, We registered our brand!! yay us!! so exciting. So I thought I would explain a little about it.

Livestock branding is a technique for marking livestock so as to identify the owner. Originally, livestock branding only referred to a hot brand for large stock, though the term is now also used to refer to other alternative techniques such as freeze branding. Other forms of livestock identification include inner lip or ear tattoos, earmarking, ear tagging, and RFID tagging with a type of microchip. The semi-permanent paint markings used to identify sheep are called a paint or colour brand. In the American West, branding evolved into a complex marking system still in use today.

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We chose old school and went with the branding and freeze branding. Out here if you don’t have a brand on it chances are someone else is going to nab it up! Once you have chosen your brand you have to submit it into the department of agriculture in your area and send in your fee, you also have to choose where your going to place the brand on the animal you can choose the front right, front left, middle left or right side and rear left or right side and that is where your brand will have to be placed every time you brand! Makes sellingĀ animals a lot easier to as you can have a bill of sale but it is always nice to have a brand inspection done so you know your not buying someones stolen livestock! Once your application is ready and you have sent it in they will approve it and that’s that you are done I was amazed at how simple it really was! And now You have your own personal brand!

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5 thoughts on “Registering a brand

  1. Interesting information. What happens when someone buys the animal you have branded? I’m just curious if there’s some way for them to indicate that they now own the animal, since your brand is on it still.

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    • once you buy a animal that is already branded by someone else you have 30 days to brand it with your own brand over the top or somewhere else on the animal


      • As i have never done it i dont know thats what the state says to do but i agree i think the best would be to brand above or below the old brand but i think u would be ok as long as u got a brand inspection by a brand inspection officer when u buy the pervious branded animal


  2. Most people brand in thier own spot part of registering a brand is indicating where on the animal will ho ex hip, neck,shoulder,left,rught etc. Someone may have the exact brand you do in appearance but will be located somewhere completely different. Brand books are so interesting. Great post!

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