Having a strong marriage 

Being married can be tough.Being married to a pipeline welder can be even tougher as there is no nine to five, when it’s hot it’s real hot and when it’s cold it’s real cold it’s long hours and sometimes there is no work at home so he can be gone for days weeks and even worst case months. How do I do it you might ask? how do I make it work when others have failed?my husband was married once before and from what he says she just didn’t get the bigger picture she always talked down to him never wanted anything to do with his dream and got sucked in by all the money of starting a business, plus she had a drinking and drug problem so I’m sure that played into effect, they only lasted six years and when his career took off she couldn’t handle it. So what did I do that was different? Don’t get me wrong when everyone first meets its the honey moon faze, what we loose over the years is that excitement and the honey moon faze and we start to take our spouse for granted.We are going on nine years strong! This is how to have a stronge marriage, support your spouse even if that means packing everything up and moving 800 miles for a hope and a prayer, if you believe in and love that person you will do it, always support every idea. Never talk down to your spouse, never say the words “you are stupid or that is stupid” the minute those words are spoken it plants a seed that you just don’t care and think less of your spouse. When we first moved into together we made a promise that from that point until forever we would never yell, never say harsh things because they can never be unsaid and always be honest to each other. My number one for a stronge marriage is always trust your spouse and always trust your gut. Never listen to outsiders because there intentions are never good and a lot of people are afraid of what they can’t have or wish they had, if I believed and listened to outsiders I’m sure I would have believed my spouse was cheating on me with ever girl he seen and was magically running back to is ex wife every chance he got??? Well thank god I trust my gut and know how much my husband loves me and know that what other people say is just talk so don’t listen or feed into it ever! Outsiders seem to get in the way of a lot of people’s marriage as long as you keep them out side and don’t let it effect you, you can’t fail. You can never doubt true love! You can never give up on your soul mate, I have spent hours in the truck with him days in the garage helping him work on welders helping him re paint his welding bed , these things interest me because it’s his life and his dream and I want to better understand him and his dreams  and I want to be a active part in what goes on at work if you can’t let a man vent to you about his day he will find someone else who will listen. I always ask questions as I want to know how things work, I am always by his side handing tools or holding lights for him to see. Now you might think this sounds a bit one sided but he also does the same for me he has made so many of my dreams come true from having the house on the hill to having horses he has always done his best to give me whatever I have wanted and I never take a minute of that for granted I know how hard he works so I can have nice things and I always make sure to let him know how thankful I am. Farming has made us even stronger in love and in our marriage,as we get to work this wonderful land God created, and we get to raise and love so many of gods great creatures without God guiding us I think we both would be lost! Our love of God has also helped us have a strong marriage as my husband prayed right before we said “I do “that God be the foundation of our marriage. I think in that alone has helped us hold tight threw the tough times, their hasn’t been a lot of tough times but when there are I know God is their to help us. So in short, always support your spouse, always be a great listener and be there when they need a ear, always trust your spouse, ignore people who are not in your marriage and don’t know what goes on, always have faith in God and believe in God, always make sure to think before you speak as harsh words stay burned in your memory and one bad word can be a grudge held for the rest of life, talk to your spouse, never keep secrets, secrets are the death of marriage. In my marriage this is what keeps us strong! 

One thought on “Having a strong marriage 

  1. Love this post! Absolutely right on not feeding into other people’s advice. Many times those helpful people manifest their own personal insecurities when giving advice its woven deeply into everything these they say .My mom told me once “anything good you have someone else wants ,even if they don’t know it .”
    Great piece, God bless you and your happy marriage !

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