Chickens 1

On our on going chicken farm we have converted a old grain silo into a chicken coop/goat shelter and surprisingly it has turned out amazing. We have about 30 chickens 4 roosters and the rest are hens 

This is our red laced blue wyandott, and he is the king of the chickens he is so beautiful our other roosters are Dominique and Murans. Chickens are fun and great bug control! And who needs a pig when the chickens will eat all your table scraps! Since we moved the chickens 2 months ago from the old house to the new we had a huge shortage of eggs and was worried we were going to have to cook some birds but this week they have jumped back up, not to a full 20 eggs a day but we are holding steady at 6 a day right now 

With the weather being cold some lady’s just like to stay inside. 

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