So true!

Life On The HK Bar

1. To accept as true, feel sure of the truth
2. Hold as opinion, think or suppose

That’s the definition of believe. And youll notice its a verb. A verb suggests action or motion.

I haven’t always believed in myself. Not like I should have. I have always been very critical of myself. Looking over my past I have often sabotaged myself.

Phrases I said to myself that caused this:
1. I can’t
2. I’m not strong enough.
3. I’m too busy.
4. What will people think?
5. What if I’m not good enough?
6. What if I fail?

Here’s how I have been answering myself these days:
1. I only can’t if I never try. I can if I first believe in myself.
2. I am strong enough. But I have to believe that I am.
3. I make time for what is important. But I have…

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