Day Five of Raw Week

Life On The HK Bar

Its amazing how great I feel. I have been eating raw for five days now. Fruit, veggies, and nuts, water only. My joints don’t ache, and best of all I got up this morning and put on a pair or jean I haven’t worn in years. Yes, I said YEARS!

I never thought I could do this challenge, and here I am standing on top of victory hill. Wearing jeans I haven’t in years! I still have a lifetime ahead of me of eating correctly. But I now know I can be victorious.

My out of control blood sugars have been tamed, my skin is clear, and I actually am sleeping well. I have struggled with all the above since I became pregnant with my oldest daughter.

I thought this would be harder. Eating healthy I mean. Of course there were those tough moments I wanted to blow it all…

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