Horse care 101

Horses are amazing creatures, but at the the same time the most accident prone animal on earth! You watch thier feed, you protect them, you give them vaccinations, you deworm them, you make sure that nothing can harm them. But even if you were to put them in a padded room they would eat the padding and get sick! My horse buddy is this way if anything can go wrong it will with him, well to my surprise this time it was my big half draft, we have all the horses in paddocks for the spring and summer months. Somehow my big half draft rolled in her paddock and got her legs stuck, lucky she managed to get out with only minor scrapes but they don’t look so minor. 

There is no real way to protect horses all the way, you just do the best that you can. Here are a couple of things that help in times like this. Underwood is a product you can only buy online or in some vet supply places it is hard to come by but is gold it can be used on all animals even humans and I have seen it cure the worst gashes and deepest cuts in no time, you spray it on and then sprinkle baking powder on it and that’s it. Another great product I love when I can’t get underwood is vetericyn it works wonders and can be used on all animals also .

For scars and patches where hair has been rubbed off I love MTG main and tail grown you can put it on and it works really good . For thrush I like to use a bleach water mix half and half but sometimes I just don’t want to use that so I use horse shoeres secret.

 it and MTG can be bought at any feed and tack store. These are just a few of things that help me out when you know ……accidents happen!

Another country sunset

As she finished the days chores she made a list like she always does of things that must be done the next morning, horses feet looked after cleaning out pins, tidying up fence, trying to win over the new goats so she can pet them. These things were not uncommon for her to rattle off in her head ,but something broke her train of thought when the warm light hit her just right, she stoped she stared, and soaked up every last bit of warm sunshine on her face. It was like a gift from God, it was like him himself was kissing her cheeks with that end of the day warmth, she closed her eyes and soaked it all in, the smells of the earth cooling down, the animals eating there last meal before bed, the sounds of crunching hay. And in this still and perfect moment she heard the easy walk and gravel crunch and felt his strong hands around her hips, and his warmth behind her, he leaned in and spoke softly what a beautiful day, she nodded and sunk back into him and new that in this moment that all was still and perfect with the world as they both stared out over thier beautiful farm at all they had And accomplished they new in this moment nothing could tear them down or apart as they had each other’s love forever and had made it threw another wonderful country sun set. 

The bigger person

With this day and age I keep seeing in people all around me how it has become ok to be -little people and want conflict with people, I personally was once a victim of this right after my husbands divorce, his ex wife would say something and I always had to jump right back, it wasn’t until about three years ago that I realized I could no longer be this drama filled person, I could no longer keep fueling the fire so I took a step back and became the bigger person and walked away enough was enough, and yes she still try’s really hard but i have learned it’s better to be silent and be the bigger person. I have taken this bit of advice into all aspects of my life now because everyone wants you to become a victim of there negativity it takes so much more energy to just be the bigger person, someone says “that girl sucks ” instead of saying yeah she does, now I say we don’t know her story and it’s not our place to judge. With this little bit of positive on my side so many things have opened up for me I have better relationships with real friends, and family and people are way more trustworthy of me because I’m not one to feed into the drama. It pays to be the bigger person, to walk away, to not judge and to be happy! Be the bigger person people!!!

The goat prospect

After a few months of debate we have decided to have a goat farm along with all our other farm indevers. We have decided to do Nigerian dwarfs because they are also a milk goat. I plan on making cheeses, soaps and lotions. I seen that a lady in town had a few for sale so I thought I would swing by and buy one or two from her. Well it ended not so good lol ,I now have 4 goats and none of them are Nigerian dwarfs …eek I have two Pygmys that are expecting, and big brown nanny goat that is meaner than tar and a Nigerian dwarf mix! I love them all and hope they can make me some money so I can finally get what I really want and will stop bringing strays home. 😬🐐

Getting the garden ready

With the fence up around the garden,it’s all about preparation for spring. With it being so warm it would be great to get a head start on planting but we all know it will snow the minute things start to sprout. So we tilled up the full acre garden and everyone came out to help, the chickens, the dogs , and the cats! It was a beautiful day, days like this make me thank god he made a farmer! 

Back on Track Polo Wraps Review

Patently Bay

glitterlabelsThe Back on Track polo wraps are nothing if not interesting. They are most definitely not your typical polo wraps, down to the material. Two things that gave me positive feelings toward them right away, yet have nothing to do with their functionality, were the gold glitter lettering and the cute packaging.

blackBOTsGood first impression made, I set out to try the wraps on Eli’s hind legs. I ordered the longer of the two available lengths for this purpose.

I failed to take before and after pictures with the first use, but I noticed some reduction of the minor wind puffs Eli has on his left hind after our ride on Sunday. That typically doesn’t happen with regular polo wraps, so I was determined to get before and after pictures with the second use.

I rode Eli fairly early on Monday evening, wrapped his hinds with the BoT polos, and…

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basic goat info


Goats are herd animals and like other goats for company. Goats do not have top front teeth. Goats have 4 stomachs and bring food back up to chew again called cud. Goats are very social and curious animals.  And goats don’t really eat tin cans 🙂

A female goat is called a doe or if young, a doeling. They are sexually mature around 6 months old. They don’t produce milk unless they have babies. They will stop making milk without nursing kids or being milked. Nigerian Dwarf does can be bred at 9 months or 45 pounds.

A male goat is a buck or buckling. They are sexually mature at 2 months old. They won’t smell musky or breed if they are fixed. This can be done around 2 months old and they are called wethers. Don’t feed alfalfa to bucks or wethers; they will develop urinary stones.

Babies are called kids and need milk for 8 weeks of life. Growing kids need hay and a 16% protein grain until they are 8 months old.  After this age, they can eat hay alone for their diet.  Wethers and doeling make excellent pets and live together happily.  


Goats need grassy hay or pasture.  They will eat grass, weeds, leaves, vines, pine needles and bark. Banana peels, orange peels, grapes, raisins, pumpkins and carrots are healthy treats.  A few plants are poisonous but goats usually avoid them or only take a nibble. (Feeding them an armload can be fatal!)  Goat should have minerals to keep them in optimal health.   


Goats need a barn to keep them out of  cold weather in the winter and shade in the summer.  A three-sided shelter without drafts is desirable.  Bedding in the winter can be straw, hay or wood chips.  A dirt or cement floor for the warmer months is best. 

Fencing and Space

Woven wire fencing at a minimum height of 42″ is ideal.  For space it is generally said that 3 miniature goats can live on 1/2 an acre. 


Their hooves should be trimmed every few months.  It is simple to do with a milk stand and a pair of hoof trimmers.  Give the goat some grain and pick up a hoof.  It’s better to trim less than too much.  The basic idea is to keep the hoof trimmed flat and level. 

Also a yearly CD/T vaccine booster protects them from tetanus and enterotoxemia.

Beneficial Supplements 

Baking soda – if their stomach is upset from eating too much (called bloat).

Loose minerals – Buy minerals that are labeled specifically for goats.  

Bottle Baby Goat Care

Bottle kids can be fed goats milk or vitamin D whole cows milk from the grocery store.  At 3 days old they will need to be fed every 4 hours during the day and will sleep 8 hours at night without a feeding. 

By day 4  put the baby kids out in the barn with a heat lamp if it’s cold out at one end of the pen so they can get warm if they need too.  Really secure the heat lamp so there is no chance of a fire.  Also, goat kids should have access to a little hay (2nd cutting, grass and alfalfa mix is best) but other types of hay are fine.

At about 10 days old, goats can be fed a bottle 3 times a day.  Example: feed at 8 am, 2pm and again at 8 pm.  

Keep fresh water in a bowl.  They will be curious about the water and learn to drink on their own.   It may seem like they are not drinking and often they don’t need it as they have most of their liquid requirements from the milk.  

Grain can be given in tiny amounts to kids at 2 weeks old.  Whole oats, rolled oats, alfalfa pellets and cracked corn are good choices.  As the kids get older slowly add the amount of grain to about 1/3 cup per kid for Nigerian Dwarfs. Feed grain to kids until they are 6-9 months old.  If some seem too chunky reduce their grain or stop.  If they are thin, keep graining for a few more months.

Goats can be weaned at 6-8 weeks old. Wean kids off the bottle by going down to 2 feedings a day and then 1 feeding a day. Then give a bottle every other day for a few days. 


Traditionally, goat owners deworm their goats every month with a chemical wormers.  I prefer to be as natural as possible.  In my goat care packet you will receive a list of natural herbs that work as a dewormers.

Baby goats have developing immune systems and tapeworms often infect them.  If you see “rice” looking things in their poop that is tapeworm.  Give them Safeguard available at farm supply stores.  The administering amount is on the back of the bottle.

Informative Websites

Fiasco Farms-

Dairy Goat Info-

Miniature Dairy Goat Association-

American Dairy Goat Association-


Spring has sprung and man do we have the fever! Today we finished stringing wire, and hanging gates for the big garden. 

The husband welded all the top rail. So this year it is deer proof to the max! Next to go up will be the deer fence which is a black webbing fence and its 8 feet tall. 

We got all the paddocks cleaned out and all the manure hauled off and getting ready to start riding in the arena .

and now it’s time for Cosmos and some bbq ! Talk about loving life ! Thank you lord for this amazing life.