The bigger person

With this day and age I keep seeing in people all around me how it has become ok to be -little people and want conflict with people, I personally was once a victim of this right after my husbands divorce, his ex wife would say something and I always had to jump right back, it wasn’t until about three years ago that I realized I could no longer be this drama filled person, I could no longer keep fueling the fire so I took a step back and became the bigger person and walked away enough was enough, and yes she still try’s really hard but i have learned it’s better to be silent and be the bigger person. I have taken this bit of advice into all aspects of my life now because everyone wants you to become a victim of there negativity it takes so much more energy to just be the bigger person, someone says “that girl sucks ” instead of saying yeah she does, now I say we don’t know her story and it’s not our place to judge. With this little bit of positive on my side so many things have opened up for me I have better relationships with real friends, and family and people are way more trustworthy of me because I’m not one to feed into the drama. It pays to be the bigger person, to walk away, to not judge and to be happy! Be the bigger person people!!!

One thought on “The bigger person

  1. It really is very interesting how much happier you can be when you don’t play into the drama and negativity from other people…..and you come to realize how much the negative stuff drains your energy. Then once you are sucked in, we tend to relive it in our minds…further draining our energy and keeping us attached to the person or situation.
    It’s nice to be free of that!

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