Another country sunset

As she finished the days chores she made a list like she always does of things that must be done the next morning, horses feet looked after cleaning out pins, tidying up fence, trying to win over the new goats so she can pet them. These things were not uncommon for her to rattle off in her head ,but something broke her train of thought when the warm light hit her just right, she stoped she stared, and soaked up every last bit of warm sunshine on her face. It was like a gift from God, it was like him himself was kissing her cheeks with that end of the day warmth, she closed her eyes and soaked it all in, the smells of the earth cooling down, the animals eating there last meal before bed, the sounds of crunching hay. And in this still and perfect moment she heard the easy walk and gravel crunch and felt his strong hands around her hips, and his warmth behind her, he leaned in and spoke softly what a beautiful day, she nodded and sunk back into him and new that in this moment that all was still and perfect with the world as they both stared out over thier beautiful farm at all they had And accomplished they new in this moment nothing could tear them down or apart as they had each other’s love forever and had made it threw another wonderful country sun set. 

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