Horse care 101

Horses are amazing creatures, but at the the same time the most accident prone animal on earth! You watch thier feed, you protect them, you give them vaccinations, you deworm them, you make sure that nothing can harm them. But even if you were to put them in a padded room they would eat the padding and get sick! My horse buddy is this way if anything can go wrong it will with him, well to my surprise this time it was my big half draft, we have all the horses in paddocks for the spring and summer months. Somehow my big half draft rolled in her paddock and got her legs stuck, lucky she managed to get out with only minor scrapes but they don’t look so minor. 

There is no real way to protect horses all the way, you just do the best that you can. Here are a couple of things that help in times like this. Underwood is a product you can only buy online or in some vet supply places it is hard to come by but is gold it can be used on all animals even humans and I have seen it cure the worst gashes and deepest cuts in no time, you spray it on and then sprinkle baking powder on it and that’s it. Another great product I love when I can’t get underwood is vetericyn it works wonders and can be used on all animals also .

For scars and patches where hair has been rubbed off I love MTG main and tail grown you can put it on and it works really good . For thrush I like to use a bleach water mix half and half but sometimes I just don’t want to use that so I use horse shoeres secret.

 it and MTG can be bought at any feed and tack store. These are just a few of things that help me out when you know ……accidents happen!

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