6 random tips for around the barn

Patently Bay

You don’t have to learn the hard way all the time. These tips might save you a few bucks, too. And I bet a lot of you know them already! I’ve learned them over the years, and some of them I wish I had known sooner.

1. When washing horsey laundry, stick with fragrance- and dye-free detergent, and skip the bleach, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. Some horses have bad reactions to that stuff.
2. Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle treats thrush really, really well.
3. Gold Bond powder (original, not medicated) is handy to have in the summer for minimizing tail rubbing and preventing scratches.
4. You can never have too many towels or too much duct tape.
5. Toothpaste (the paste, not the gel) makes good bit polish.
6. Horses need sunscreen, too. I use a little baby mineral sunblock on Eli’s snip in the summer months.

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Chickens 4

Well we are up to 11 eggs a day and have opened the pin so they can have more room to run. The king of the chickens and what I have come to believe is his flock of ladies which is about 8 do not leave the pen, however the other two roosters and their ladies are brave they go all the way to the road,in the field with the horses , in the back yard, the front yard, down into the lower field, they go everywhere and just love it and come night fall somehow they find there way back home and up on the roosts they go let’s hope all this chicken action will cut down on flys this spring. 

The farm..

Spring is here, we got nothing but rain all night last night yay! So needless to say it’s a muddy mess, everyone is up to there elbows in mud.. Thank the lord for muck boots ! This place needs loads of sand and gravel for miles. The parents got in a good four wheeler ride while raking the field. The place looks great and I can say we are excited and ready for spring and all the animals to come!