Joining the farmers market

We are so excited to be joining our communities little farmers market. It will be our first one ever! I plan on making soaps, bath bombs. And then we found out that we can sale all our eggs!! Seeing as how we are holding steady at 21 eggs a day can’t wait to make some money off of those pretty babys and as soon as the garden comes in we will be able to sale all our produce too!! I just love living in a small community! 

Let there be soap! …Can I eat it?

The Good Life In The City

Being able to live on the homestead without an outside income can be difficult. Many homesteaders often have home-based businesses to help with this, or a regular job. By far I think many of us would rather be able to generate that income from home allowing us to be more self-sufficient.

I mentioned in a previous post about our soap making efforts. Becky and I have been busy since late December making several batches of soap. I wanted to share some of our creations with you.

More than one person who recently purchased a few bars said “Smells amazing….I want to eat them! Can I eat them?” Well, that is about the best feedback you can hope for.

I’m definitely not a photographer….but here’s what we put together.

Citrus Bliss


A wonderful blend of Lemon and Orange essential oils. Infused with very locally grown Lemon Verbena***. Lemon rejuvenates the mind…

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Busy as a bee!

My sweet sweet husband has been back a full week now and as normal when he comes back it has been busy,busy, busy!!! We got the 8 foot deer fence up around the garden, got it all plowed and tilled and marked, now we are just waiting for our fruit trees and berries and they should be here any day now. With it being so warm I think this week we are going to go ahead and plant all our peas. 

 The big alfalfa feild is already coming in so fast thier shouldn’t be any reason to not get 4 cuttings this year. We managed to feed all the animals off of just one cutting last year because we lost the other two due to lots of rain( won’t let that happen again.) 

 It has been hours upon hours of fence getting things ready to bring on cows by the middle of summer and we are so excited! Our meat cow that we have been raising is growing good and getting bigger every day as big as a holsten will get that is 

 now it’s off for more farming adventures! 

Goat home

so with our recent purchase of three billy goats, I have 7 goats total now and have just been letting them all live together to make sure the does will get pregnant. I know it’s a ways out yet but sometime within the next few months we should be expecting babys so we had to make them something that they could have babies in.  


 And I might say it turned out perfect so here are the instructions. You will need about 4 2×4’s and two sheets of ply wood. Tin if you have it, if not old shingles will work well too, a box of screws a saw and a drill. You want to start out with the floor frame first and work your way up!  


Staying strong

its been almost 4 weeks since I have even seen or kissed his sweet face! And I won’t lie it’s killing me! I don’t know what gods big plan is and why he keeps keeping us apart but this year has already been crazy hard! I love my husband more than anything in this whole world and I know he loves me so much! So babe if your reading this, I love you and thank you for everything you do for us! And how hard you work for our dreams! I can’t say thank you enough! This stretch has really taken its toll on me! Thank god for the farm there is lots to focus on and to keep my mind busy! So thank heavens for that! Being a pipeliners wife is hard it’s not easy and I think that’s why it takes a special kinda woman to hang in there! I’m glad I’m one of those few special women! 

By the light of the full moon

As I went out to shut the chickens and goats up the rumble of thunder caught my attention. I walked to the edge of the back yard to see all three horses In  a dead run along the side of the field, as the blur of hoof beats and snorting ran past me, there beautiful moon lit silhouettes dancing in the moonlight, bucking and snorting, sounding like a old steam train coming down the tracks. It was truly beautiful. It is moments like this I like to look up at the big full moon and thank god for all his beautiful creatures and for my beautiful life! because nothing is as beautiful as seeing horses run by the light of the full moon.  

A muddy mess

Not a lot has been going on around the farm with this last bit of snow we got. It’s still cold out but the sun is a shining and it’s all melting fast and it is so muddy we have that awesome clay dirt that becomes slicker than snot when wet, I’m a little sad the husband isn’t home so we could go mudden’ so now I can’t wait for it to dry up so I can get back to riding!!! Come on warm weather I got races and shows to do!!! 

Winter horse care

In winter it is important to make sure your horses are healthy and happy. During warmer weather I keep my horses in paddocks so I can work with them easier. When it’s cold and I know it’s going to snow I like to turn them out into the pasture where they have room to run and move and keep themselves warm, I do not believe in putting blankets on my horses or clipping there fur, or putting shoes on them, why fix it if it’s not broken?  I like to let my horses be horses. But on these super cold, snowy nights I make sure they have plenty of fresh water and the water heater is plugged in, I also over feed. on normal days I only feed twice a day, but on cold days I feed three times a day and I give everyone a extra leaf of hay.  And I just let them do what horses do. If you don’t have pasture just make sure they have clean fresh water and extra food to help them make heat and if you blanket make sure you take it off in the morning and let them get out to roll they get super itchy under those things I think that’s a lot of the reason there are so many accidents with horses getting stuck in there stalls.  

The loss of a hen 

Last night when I went to shut the chickens and goats up there was a sad lonely dead hen in the middle of the coop. A sad loss she was so pretty and not to old so who knows why she passed away? The life on a farm teaches us of life and death, it teaches us to care, to respect nature and to have a love for all of gods creatures as they all have a purpose, all the way Down to the small little house spider. At a time of loss you learn to not be sad but that’s the way nature is. I am thankful for this lesson and love this farm life. On another note the rest of the chickens are going strong we are up to 18 eggs a day! And now our only Battle is to keep the hens outta the cat food! 

To everything there is a season.

To everything there is a season, my season happens to be crazy right now. It was so warm two weeks ago we were all but ready to plant the garden, the fields, and get ready for spring babies. I was riding and working the horses every day ….. And now we have a foot of snow and all my horse progress out the window and now I have to start all over again. I am ready for spring, waiting for my long over due tractor rides and whiskey sunsets and big hats! Everything has a season and I’m ready for my season!