Winter horse care

In winter it is important to make sure your horses are healthy and happy. During warmer weather I keep my horses in paddocks so I can work with them easier. When it’s cold and I know it’s going to snow I like to turn them out into the pasture where they have room to run and move and keep themselves warm, I do not believe in putting blankets on my horses or clipping there fur, or putting shoes on them, why fix it if it’s not broken?  I like to let my horses be horses. But on these super cold, snowy nights I make sure they have plenty of fresh water and the water heater is plugged in, I also over feed. on normal days I only feed twice a day, but on cold days I feed three times a day and I give everyone a extra leaf of hay.  And I just let them do what horses do. If you don’t have pasture just make sure they have clean fresh water and extra food to help them make heat and if you blanket make sure you take it off in the morning and let them get out to roll they get super itchy under those things I think that’s a lot of the reason there are so many accidents with horses getting stuck in there stalls.  

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