morning horse shots

Up with the sun! Had the normal morning wonderful chores and along side of that had to give the horses all thier vaccines this morning, the big gwen and buddy get a 4 way, while jewl gets a five way seeing as how we are getting ready to breed her any day now. So I thought I would do a little bit on shots. The 4 ways and 5 ways are instramuscular which means it goes in the muscle. I know a few people who give it in the chest, the neck, or the rump. I always do the neck because I’m too nervous to do it in the chest. 


So let’s get started number one: you will want to tie the horse or have someone hold the lead rope for you . Stand beside the horse and place the syringe between your index finger and thumb. Gently push the needle into the muscle at a 45 degree angle, facing downward toward the shoulder. ( I like to tap the area with my finger pretty hard for a moment or so so they don’t really feel the  shot.) Next you will pull back on the plunger slightly to make sure no blood is in the syringe, if thier is blood you have hit a vein, and need to pull the needle out and find a new spot. ( I have hit a vein and didn’t know it because I didn’t pull back on the plunger and it was not a good experience so make sure there is no blood.) If there is no blood, depress the plunger evenly with your thumb and dispence the medication and then pull the syringe out. And your done give a gentle rub. And that’s it, if you are to nervous about doing it yourself always go to your local vet until you know what you are doing! 

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