Building confidence 

for some strange reason something has snapped or should I say broken in me. Lately I have been looking for excuses for getting out of riding? I don’t know why or how but I have. Well by gods great magical powers he has landed my best friend and barrel racer with me for a year. So in her first 2 days of living with us she wanted to go for a trail ride and I tried talking her out of it, well she won we saddled up and went for a trail ride. I was nervous and anxious and she could tell, she looked at me and said “head up ride on” and in that split second when I repeated those words it was like I had instantly gotten my confidence back!! I was amazed!! My horse relaxed and I had the best ride I have had in a long time!! I am so excited for this summer I know it won’t be long before I trot my first pattern!!! HEAD UP RIDE ON!! 


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