Things Every Teenager Needs – Stability

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Have you ever noticed that the world wants to put us in a mold? For example, my teenage life has many many ‘molds’.

Teenage mold is first and foremost…and there are four of those. First off, the world’s teen mold, then the Christian teen mold and my normal Christian teen’s mold, and then my family’s teen mold. And those all branch out into different places as well.

The world then goes on to the rebellious mold, the party mold, the nerd mold, the jock mold, the flirt mold, the shy yet extremely cute and perfect mold, the ugly mold, and on and on.

Then there is the Christian mold, in which there are sub-molds, like excellent Christian mold, the oldest sister mold, the perfect Christian teen mold, the helper mold, the bright light for Jesus mold, the bad Christian mold, and on and on and on.

The ‘normal’ Christian teen mold is actually…

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