Corn harvest

This year we planted four rows of corn 3 of the rows were seeds we saved from last year and man did they do amazing! We plucked all the corn bent over all the stocks and fed the stocks and the shucks to the goats, cows and chickens and let me tell you what it has been a long day and everyone has enjoyed it!  

We shuck the corn, break or cut off any bad spots and then throw them in a pot. 

 After they boil for about 20 minutes we pull them out and cut all the corn off the cob. 

  Then it’s into quart size freezer bags, 4 cups of corn in each bag,and into the freezer they go!! With this batch we got 65 quart bags of corn! Way faster and better than canning i think!! 


Chicken freedom

about one month ago I discovered that one of our hens had four little baby chicks following her around, so we waited tell night time and caught the hen and her four little chicks. We put them all together in a large dog kennel so nothing could hurt them. Well now after a full month they are big enough to be let out into goat world lol and boy are they happy digging and eating bugs and having a ball. Chicken freedom !! Now we just have to keep a eye out for anyother brudy hens so we can keep the chicken population growing!  



  its that time of year!! I wish it was a little cooler here, it’s a wonderful 100 degrees! But no matter what canning and freezing the veggies must be done. We always freeze half and can the other half. Today we got a bountiful harvest of beets, we have more beets this year than we have ever had, but we also have a awesome giant garden this year! We pull the beets from the ground put them in a giant tub, cut off the ends(but leave a inch on or they will bleed out) then we wash them, then boil them for about 30 to 45 minutes , then remove from hot water, drain, then add cold water let them cool for about 10 minutes then rub off the hard outer area of the beet ! Then it’s up to you to cann or freeze !! So amazing and I can’t wait to have some they are one of my favorites !! Many many blessing come from growing your own garden and working with the land, I could not be more blessed! 

Amazing weight loss

i have been bouncing from one program to another and my weight loss has been slow go, but I think I found the holy grail of what works for me. It might not work for everyone but it has proven to work amazing for me!! I have lost 10lbs in 8 days! I have 13 more to go to hit my first goal! So you want to know what I have been doing?????? I have been following the lepton diet to the best I can, I eat only 3 meals a day 5 to 6 hours apart and I make sure I eat nothing but high fat low carb the minute I wake up I have to eat 30 grams of protein and with this book👇🏼 

  it has been amazing!!! I have not made one thing that was horrible and the weight is just falling off now!  

   Breakfast lasagna and amazing appetizers, you never feel hungry and the high fat makes you full faster. I am still working on portion control but so far I am so proud of myself! And most of all it’s Really cheap for me, with my own eggs and a freezer full of my own beef and hog and veggies fresh from the garden, I think this has amazingly helped!! And that was the goal from the beginning to get away from eating so much processed man made junk! And who doesn’t love bacon!yay me!! 

Cowgirl skinny mojito 

losing weight has been really hard for me and now all my hard work is finally paying Off and I’m losing it like crazy I don’t want any set backs, and let’s all face it we all want to drink and not have to worry about the calories, so I took my favorite mojito and mixed it up with marianda lamberts drink recipe and boom you have the cowgirl skinny mojito lol.  Enjoy the only calories are from the rum it self! 

  1. Club soda
  2. Bacardi rum
  3. Lemon and lime fresh
  4. Mint fresh
  5. Crystal light, flavor or your choice I like the mojito 😁

In a shaker fill it with ice, squeezing a wedge of both lemon and the lime, add 2 mint leaves and break them one time! That’s all u need do not tear leaves apart! sprinkle your crystal light on top and add 2 oz of Bacardi. Put lid on shaker and shake for 5 seconds, pour into glass and top off with club soda , give a light stir and your done!! Enjoy!!  


Changing water!

if your like me you have never farmed large scale until now lol. With my husband away at work the chores are up to me, the planting, the cutting the hay, baling the hay and watering is all up to me! So I thought I would write a bit about how to change water for some of you who might not know what goes into that glorious hay/ alfalfa you feed your animals! Most hay fields now have large pivots on them that is run by your cell phone but a lot of people can’t afford that so we do it old school! Riser by riser we move the wheel line and hook up to each riser. This is a wheel line  

 our big main field has a motor on the wheel line but our smaller pasture has 2 sections you have to push by hand.  You have to push each section to a riser hook up your hose and slowly turn the water on ! Never turn it on fast and never ever stand over the riser as it could break and blow off at any moment! Lol kinda scary!  

 I do this awesome routine every twelve hours for 8 days ! Lots of walking ! It’s a great work out! It takes about 2 months for the hay to get high enough to cut and bale. Each field has about 20 risers that are spaced about 50 feet if not more apart we water the whole afield then when we are done we shut it off and leave it off for about 8 days depending on how many water shares you have you have you can water more or less! When it’s time to cut and bale I will do a step by step process for any girls that have to do this alone!!Thanks for reading and following! 

I’m back!! 

After much hiding and a lot of time to think I have decided the farm blog must go on! I will not be bullied, I will not go silently into that great night! I am going to stand up and fight for what is right! For what is mine!! For what I love and what I believe in!! This is my blog! These are my feelings!! If u don’t like it stop searching for me and do not read!!