Changing water!

if your like me you have never farmed large scale until now lol. With my husband away at work the chores are up to me, the planting, the cutting the hay, baling the hay and watering is all up to me! So I thought I would write a bit about how to change water for some of you who might not know what goes into that glorious hay/ alfalfa you feed your animals! Most hay fields now have large pivots on them that is run by your cell phone but a lot of people can’t afford that so we do it old school! Riser by riser we move the wheel line and hook up to each riser. This is a wheel line  

 our big main field has a motor on the wheel line but our smaller pasture has 2 sections you have to push by hand.  You have to push each section to a riser hook up your hose and slowly turn the water on ! Never turn it on fast and never ever stand over the riser as it could break and blow off at any moment! Lol kinda scary!  

 I do this awesome routine every twelve hours for 8 days ! Lots of walking ! It’s a great work out! It takes about 2 months for the hay to get high enough to cut and bale. Each field has about 20 risers that are spaced about 50 feet if not more apart we water the whole afield then when we are done we shut it off and leave it off for about 8 days depending on how many water shares you have you have you can water more or less! When it’s time to cut and bale I will do a step by step process for any girls that have to do this alone!!Thanks for reading and following! 

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