Cowgirl skinny mojito 

losing weight has been really hard for me and now all my hard work is finally paying Off and I’m losing it like crazy I don’t want any set backs, and let’s all face it we all want to drink and not have to worry about the calories, so I took my favorite mojito and mixed it up with marianda lamberts drink recipe and boom you have the cowgirl skinny mojito lol.  Enjoy the only calories are from the rum it self! 

  1. Club soda
  2. Bacardi rum
  3. Lemon and lime fresh
  4. Mint fresh
  5. Crystal light, flavor or your choice I like the mojito 😁

In a shaker fill it with ice, squeezing a wedge of both lemon and the lime, add 2 mint leaves and break them one time! That’s all u need do not tear leaves apart! sprinkle your crystal light on top and add 2 oz of Bacardi. Put lid on shaker and shake for 5 seconds, pour into glass and top off with club soda , give a light stir and your done!! Enjoy!!  


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