My horse won’t go forward!

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Getting your horse to go forward – more impulsion…won’t listen to the rider’s leg – or rider’s legs “not strong enough”.

UPDATE: 2011 Full Circle Moment

The original article on how to get the world’s laziest horse to go forward was written so long ago it had slipped to the back of my mind, however I write this I am sitting on the beach in BEAUTIFUL Rosarita Beach, Mexico. Yesterday was a ‘full circle moment’ for me. I actually wrote most of this article years and years ago and was up on our old website forever…but riding yesterday and realizing that most people think that the only way forward is with two good strong legs, made me re-write this again.

What made me remember it was these horses here on Rosarita Beach. Nick and I went for a ride, and talk about QUIET – BOMBPROOF – LAZY horses!   Check…

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