The first big race!

Well it finally happened!! I participated in the local jackpot barrel race for my first official time!!! Now you all need to understand that I haven’t even really walked a pattern yet, and boy do I have a lot more work to do! But this experience was mind blowing! The amount of support I had was amazing, girls I have never met before where cheering me on! And giving me pointers, the whole experience was mind blowing!! I am truly a very blessed person! I walked and trotted the pattern, not the best I must say, but everyone has to start somewhere! I got the amazing time of 52.2 seconds lol but for that 52.2 seconds I could not have been happier!! I have learned a lot through all this. that barrel racing is about you, it’s about having fun and doing what you love who cares what time you got , you went out overcome fear and put all your trust in a 1200lb animal! I could not be more impressed with myself right now!!! And so impressed with the women in this horse community, thank you all so much you all are a true blessing!!! And huge thank you to my best friend who let me ride the most amazing horse ever! Now it’s time for work outs and endless hours in the saddle and hopefully next week I can lope the whole patter!!!  


Pretty weeds.

Being a farmer you don’t realize how much of your everyday life pertains to farming. In early spring when the alfalfa starts to grow you don’t see the weeds, just like in life you don’t really see the bad people around you, until early summer when all the sudden the weeds have popped up all over and are taller then the alfalfa and are taking over large spots of your field. Same goes for your life you don’t realize that there are so many bad people around you until you get sucked into there drama and your life becomes a down word spiral of drama, sadness and fighting so what do you do when when you find yourself being over taken by the weeds? You call the exterminator!!!! You pull those bad guys right out of your life and you spray the seeds so that way they can’t replant themselves and take a new hold!!! We have to be strong and realize when enough is enough. Now there are the sneaky weeds, the ones who you would never think to be weeds because they are so beautiful and pretty but deep down they are setting in roots for destruction, these are the worst kinds of weeds, they make you feel warm and happy and treat you like family when in fact they are flipping every word you have ever said and constantly talking and making fun of you behind your back and doing everything they can to make look you bad. As a farmer you have to realize that these weeds are beautiful but soon they spread hate to fast and must exterminated immediately !! We all need to watch and trust your gut when it comes to these beautiful weeds, they might be pretty on the out side but deep down its all about them, they do not care about you, your dreams they want to smother it all!! So I say to you words of advice always keep a exterminators number on hand, always trust your gut and no matter how pretty, pluck that sucker before it gets a chance to grow !!!  Don’t let the bad weeds keep you from seeing how beautiful life can be and wonderful you are! And as always God bless you and God bless this farm!


Fall just might be here!

Oh sorry it’s been so long life has been crazy! Just a fast update! The leaves are starting to change and that crisp air is sinking in in the morning and of course it’s coffee and hot chocolate time! And as of today no more 70 and 80 degree days! 

The horses are in pasture and are frisky and happy as ever, the chickens have slowed down to 4 eggs a day along with molting lol the goats are all fat as they should all be having babies in November, Norman the cow is on a good corn regiment as he goes to slaughter in December. Around Halloween we are getting our two bred heffers. So exciting!!! God bless everyone and God bless this farm! 


(Sorry in advance some of the pics are a little gory)   If you didn’t know any better you wouldn’t take me really for the hard core huntress…. But believe it or not I was pretty much raised in the bed of a pick up truck in the mountains, by the time I was 10 I was able to gut a deer or elk, not shoot them we didn’t get that part tell we were a lot older. And now as every hunting season roles around and we gear 





  up and head for the mountains I like to reflect on what my family has taught me. If you shoot it you eat it and u pack out every bit of it only leaving the guts and legs for scavengers. After this last year I was broken hearted to find that so many people just don’t care and don’t have any morals, shooting animals and leaving them for dead or shooting them and wounding them and later not being able to find there body’s, it’s heart breaking and gut renching… I was taught that if you don’t have a clear shot you don’t take it, if you can’t pack it out you don’t shoot it, and most of all if your not going to eat it don’t buy a tag! I could not believe how much of this I seen on the mountain this year people’s blatant lack of respect for the animal. Luckily we got our tags filled this year and was ever so happy to get off the mountains! This meat will last us every bit of a half a year if not more, we love the meat and we are so grateful to have the meat this year! So folks teach your children hunting responsibility! It goes along ways and stays with them for life!!  This year we Got a spike and a raghorn , then it was time for some long over due fried liver and heart and onions!!!