(Sorry in advance some of the pics are a little gory)   If you didn’t know any better you wouldn’t take me really for the hard core huntress…. But believe it or not I was pretty much raised in the bed of a pick up truck in the mountains, by the time I was 10 I was able to gut a deer or elk, not shoot them we didn’t get that part tell we were a lot older. And now as every hunting season roles around and we gear 





  up and head for the mountains I like to reflect on what my family has taught me. If you shoot it you eat it and u pack out every bit of it only leaving the guts and legs for scavengers. After this last year I was broken hearted to find that so many people just don’t care and don’t have any morals, shooting animals and leaving them for dead or shooting them and wounding them and later not being able to find there body’s, it’s heart breaking and gut renching… I was taught that if you don’t have a clear shot you don’t take it, if you can’t pack it out you don’t shoot it, and most of all if your not going to eat it don’t buy a tag! I could not believe how much of this I seen on the mountain this year people’s blatant lack of respect for the animal. Luckily we got our tags filled this year and was ever so happy to get off the mountains! This meat will last us every bit of a half a year if not more, we love the meat and we are so grateful to have the meat this year! So folks teach your children hunting responsibility! It goes along ways and stays with them for life!!  This year we Got a spike and a raghorn , then it was time for some long over due fried liver and heart and onions!!!  


One thought on “Hunting

  1. Sounds like fun! I wish more people had the ethics and morals you are talking about. It really reflects on all of us when some people don’t respect the outdoors or the animals they are hunting and that’s very unfortunate.

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