Pretty weeds.

Being a farmer you don’t realize how much of your everyday life pertains to farming. In early spring when the alfalfa starts to grow you don’t see the weeds, just like in life you don’t really see the bad people around you, until early summer when all the sudden the weeds have popped up all over and are taller then the alfalfa and are taking over large spots of your field. Same goes for your life you don’t realize that there are so many bad people around you until you get sucked into there drama and your life becomes a down word spiral of drama, sadness and fighting so what do you do when when you find yourself being over taken by the weeds? You call the exterminator!!!! You pull those bad guys right out of your life and you spray the seeds so that way they can’t replant themselves and take a new hold!!! We have to be strong and realize when enough is enough. Now there are the sneaky weeds, the ones who you would never think to be weeds because they are so beautiful and pretty but deep down they are setting in roots for destruction, these are the worst kinds of weeds, they make you feel warm and happy and treat you like family when in fact they are flipping every word you have ever said and constantly talking and making fun of you behind your back and doing everything they can to make look you bad. As a farmer you have to realize that these weeds are beautiful but soon they spread hate to fast and must exterminated immediately !! We all need to watch and trust your gut when it comes to these beautiful weeds, they might be pretty on the out side but deep down its all about them, they do not care about you, your dreams they want to smother it all!! So I say to you words of advice always keep a exterminators number on hand, always trust your gut and no matter how pretty, pluck that sucker before it gets a chance to grow !!!  Don’t let the bad weeds keep you from seeing how beautiful life can be and wonderful you are! And as always God bless you and God bless this farm!


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