Goats Goats and more Goats

So with my latest venture i have decided to start a goat blog!

I currently have two pygmy does and one pygmy Nigerian dwarf mix. last week my life was forever changed when my pygmy mix and pygmy had kids. The full pygmy is named smiley goat and the other is baby. Smiley gave birth to twin kids which we have named anna and elsa why? well because it was so frosty out side it was only fitting! The minute they were born smiley took to it taking care of them licking them making them stand up the whole super mom! three days later baby goat had hers she had one beautiful baby we named luna because of all her awesome moon chips. But something was wrong, baby goat wasnt taking care of her kid like smiley goat was, she didnt lick it, she didnt want anything to do with it so my mom instinct kicked in i mixed up some colostrum that you can get at any farm store i had bought some for goats a few weeks back along with nipples just incase something like this should happen. I grabbed some towels and went to work drying her off and trying to get her to drink, i bottle feed her for one whole day when i decided that baby goat had to step up and be the mom i started by holding baby goat and getting luna to nurse, it was a job, baby goat kept kicking her off but i didnt give up until little luna had her fill, i did this for two days and kept the two of them locked up together. then on the fourth day it was like baby goat said oh hey i will be your mom and she started talking to her and letting her nurse and protecting her! talk about a happy ending!! so thankful i stuck in there with them she has  turned out to be the best momma yet!!

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