pygmy goats

The Pygmy Goat is a species that has been domesticated. This is a small species. The females can be about16 inchestall and the males are about23 inchestall. For weight the females range from 50 to75 pounds. The males are somewhat larger with a weight from 60 to85 pounds. This is a subspecies that are used to create dairy products around the world.

The colors of the Pygmy Goat can vary. Some of them are gray, white, brown, or black. They can be light or dark and they can offer several colors on one of them. Genetics plays a huge role in the overall color that it will be. They have long ears that fold forward and a long snout. They have a thick body with a heavy coat and think legs that are very sturdy.

There is a huge diverse habitat for the Pygmy Goat due to the fact that they are able to adapt to a variety of climates and conditions. It is believed that they were domesticated as early as 7,000 B.C. It is also believed that they are now found around the world.

The Pygmy Goat is able to leap very high so you have to keep that in mind when they are in captivity. Offering them elements that they can climb on is a good idea as it helps them to stay entertained and reduce aggression. They are very social so you must have them with others. They do mix well with other species of goats too. They are common prey for various predators so the location for them needs to keep them safe.

During the warm periods of the year they love to go swimming. They are naturally good at it. If there is access to such a body of water around where they are being raised then they will likely spend time in it.

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