Goat disbudding 

Their is a even split between people who think goats should and should not have horns. Goats use there horns for defense against other animals and other goats, in summer time they help cool the animal, there are many other factors that go into leaving a goats horns on, as the same for taking them off they get stuck in fences they hurt when u get snagged on them, they can poke out eyes and if other goats are mean enough they can really hurt a fellow goat. But I think in  this day and age they are our pets, companions and our little babies . We provide shelter and shade and take really good care of our critters so we decided to have our little babies dehorned or disbudded, now don’t get me wrong, it smells bad and they cry for a minute but then they are fine and go back to happy bounceing babies! I do recommend however that if you are getting them disbudded to make sure and give them a tetanus shot goats are very prone to tetanus so this is a must. So no matter what you choose make sure it’s what’s best for your fellow goats!  


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