Why Raw Goats milk instead of cows milk??


Everyone i have ever talked to keeps going crazy over goats milk! “how can you drink that awful stuff” “it tastes horrible””it smells awful”

I do not know where these people have been getting their milk from but a week ago just for fun i milked our pygmy goat, i did not get a lot of milk, but it was AMAZING! it was sweet and had no after taste, and was not gamy like raw cows milk, it had no smell, it was amazing!!!

So that has started me on my quest for Nigerian dwarfs because they can produce to up to 4 cups of milk a day or more, and that is plenty for us! So i thought i would explain some of the benefits of raw goats milk compared to raw cows milk.

First off Goats milk is easier to digest then cows milk, the fat content in cows milk is similar to goats milk but the fat globules in goat milk are smaller making it way easier  for your body to digest. Only about 2 percent of goats milk is curd, compared to about 10 percent in cows milk! There fewer allergenic proteins in goats milk and causes less inflammation. Most people who are intolerant of cows milk actually lack the ability to digest the protein A1 casein. Cows milk contains more than 20 different allergens that can cause allergic reaction, including inflammation affecting everything from IBS and leaky gut to acne and autoimmune diseases. Goats milk contain only A2 casein, making it, protein wise, the closest milk to human Brest milk. one study suggests that goats milk when used as the first protein after breastfeeding, is less allergenic for babies than cow milk. Goats milk improves your skin, the fatty acids and triglycerides found in goats milk have moisturizing qualities and keep skin soft. With high levels of vitamin A, it can improve your complexion, fight acne and improve overall skin health. The lactic acid found in goats milk helps rid your body of dead skin cells and brightens skin tone. Goats milk has ph level similar to humans, so its absorbed by the skin with less irritation and helps keep bacteria at bay. Goats are high in calcium and fatty acids but low in cholesterol, Nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium an phosphorus were more easily digested and used by the body in goats milk than cows milk. Because of these minerals bioavailability, goat milk may help treat nutritional deficiencies like anemia and bone demineralization. The list goes on and on when it comes to the benefits of goats milk! And trust me its tastes great!!!

3 thoughts on “Why Raw Goats milk instead of cows milk??

  1. Yes! Home goats make the best milk. The stuff we have in supermarkets here have been fed too much protein, lucerne (alfalfa) normally and that gives the milk a nasty taint. My children were raised on raw goats milk, it is wonderful stuff once I got used to the snow white cream.

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