Goat Feeders

Goats are amazing little animals and they can eat some hay! The funny thing about goats and i did not realize this until i owned them, is that they prefer the leafy stuff! who would of thought right? everyone buying goats to eat weeds when in fact they wont eat the weeds! they will however eat the leaves off of the weeds! and leave you the wonderful stalks. This was a lesson in the making for us, we have 3 pins right now for our goats and in each pin we had over 2 feet of old moldy stalks from the alfalfa we were feeding(way bad management on our part) so on a nice warm snowy day we cleaned out all 3 pins and put it in the garden for compost. I could not believe the sheer amount of waste we had! how much hay had just gone straight to waist! we were going through a small square bale every other day, and that was to only feed 4 goats at the time!!!! So i did a little pinterest search and found some awesome ideas for goat feeders! These are some of what i found on pinterest.

So i decided what was easiest and cheapest, that i could make by myself and i decided to go the garbage can route! and boy am i so pleased with how it turned out!! i now go through 1 small square bale every 3 days for 10 goats!!!!!! talk about saving some money!!!!!!

I spent 15.95 on two rubber garbage cans from ace, drilled some fun 4 inch holes in them and that is all folks! filled it with hay tied it to the fence so they cant tip it over and knock the lid off, and that’s it! its been so amazing, i do have to go out every evening and just push the hay down to make sure it fills the holes and that’s it!

So no matter what you decide to do for your goats just make sure you have a feeder of some kind! it really helps out in the long run and saves you lots of money and lots of extra work!

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