What to feed your goats?

Its always good to know what to have on hand if your thinking about owning goats. People tend to buy goats at the sale barn for one reason only and that is to eat down there weeds, So they buy the goat, chain it up to the fence and in 2 weeks the goat is back at the sale barn because it didn’t eat all the weeds. while yes some will eat down a bit of the weeds they wont eat them all.Goats are browsers which means they pick and choose and tend to eat the most leafiest stuff rather than standing in a field and grazing, they like to keep on the move. They will not eat pop cans and yard furniture like so many people have lead you to believe they are easy keepers but need to be kept on a good diet for their health and better well being and they have differing nutritional requirements depending on gender and what sate of life they’re in.

When it comes to how we raise our goats we try to raise them as healthy and organic as possible. Seeing as how we use them for milk its a big importance that the milk tastes good and different foods can make the goats milk taste different.

We feed our goats alfalfa hay or a alfalfa grass mix, and they do wonderful on it. Alfalfa and other legume hays such as clover usually have more protein, vitamins, and minerals, particularity calcium, then grass hays. Each goat needs 2 to 4 pounds of hay each day.

You want to make sure you have a salt block, or a protein and salt block or bucket in with your goats so they can use it when they need it, Fresh water is a must! And i grain my goats one time a day, we have a local tractor supply and i love the dun-more brand of sweet goat feed, (be careful in the grains you choose the cheaper the grain, well its cheaper for a reason, so watch what you feed them, some grains can cause constipation, or scours and that is not good at all) its a pellet and some rolled oats in molasses and they just love it, plus its good for all stages of life and it doesn’t make the milk taste or smell funny. I also have goat treats on hand because they are just fun, but i also get the tractor supply dun -more brand and they just go nuts over them.

You can also give your goats your kitchen scraps anything that is veggie related can go to your goats remember goats are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. A goats diet is very simple, hay, small rations of grains and plenty of water and your pretty much good! good luck!

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