Record Keeping for Goats

Eden Hills

I was surprised by the number of people commenting on my organization and being able to keep track of all the breeding choices of my goats.  I really think my years of doing genealogical research has helped.  I also have two forms of written records.  I didn’t start this until about my second year of having kids.

Looking at the spreadsheet below, you can see the year, the buck is in bold print, and the does go across with their kids listed below.  It’s a very basic record that lists all the goats ever born on the farm.  You’ll notice that my Millie was born in 2004 and had her first baby in 2005.

After seven years of kidding, my spreadsheet is on it’s third page.  The page for 2012 is a constant work in progress.  I typically print it out and track the girls’ heat cycles in pencil.  I…

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