How to pick a herd name?

yay!!!!!! I am finally all registered with the American goat society ! I was so excited when I got the letter in the mail today saying my herd is now registered!!!I spent hours on the computer going to every website,  Google search and forum I could find trying to find a herd name. Then it finally hit me! You have to think about the things you love, what’s around you, and all these amazing things put together get you your herd name. So take my herd name for instance SUNFLOWERBLOSSOMBENCH, I am obsessed with sunflowers its genetic my grandfather is also and my husband loves them too! They were the main flower and theme to our wedding. The blossom comes from my love of spring and how beautiful everything is when it’s in full bloom. Bench comes from well we live on a bench hahah. I would have loved to use hollows and that kind of fun stuff but it just didn’t fit what we have. This summer when we start garden season we plan on planting as much land as we can in sunflowers. So no matter what you do when it comes to naming your herd remember to be original, have it have meaning to you, and have it represent your farm. Oh and remember that with some associations you can only have 30 letters this includes spaces and the goats name! Happy naming!! 

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