Goodbye sweet horse

My big beautiful horse did not make it. The gwen was a half Clydesdale she was the sweetest most kind hearted animal i have ever met, the words gentle giant dont even come close to explaining her. She was patient and kind and you could do anything on her, or around her. Rip gwen i will love you forever my sweet beautiful baby girl! my heart is broken with out you! so sad to know this was my last picture of her.img_5548

Cold and colic 

yesterday my half Clydesdale  got hit with colic 😞 it’s been a long 24 hours but I am praying she is on the good side of things she is standing up and not laying down but I think she is still in pain.. 

So we loaded her in the horse trailer yesterday and took her to the vet after he put the warm water and mineral oil down her he examined her teeth and found the reason she colic it was because one of her top teeth in the back had grown so long she wasn’t chewing food up as good as she needed too, so he cut it off  

Horses eat in a figure 8 pattern and when there teeth get to long they can no longer grind the food down and when it goes threw the stomach in big peaces it can block up and cause colic , So make sure to get your horses teeth floated! This was a costly and painful mistake that I am kicking myself in the butt for! 

So cold!!

It is a amazing 5 degrees outside and for the 5th day in a row we have not seen the sun! Everything is covered in a awesome layer of ice/ frost! It’s beautiful but I’m over it! Today is the first day of barrel racing, open jack pot and I have a feeling I will be missing this one! My horse has not seen a trailer or a saddle in over a year, and it’s so cold and horrible out I’m just going to save us both the pain and wait tell it warms up a bit! The poor baby goats are all huddled tight under the heat lamps, one of my Pygmys ear have gotten frost bite and the tips of them have Fallon off 😑 !! have I mentioned I am over this winter lol ! Keep warm friends!  


Home made Goat Miker

So i have spent hours looking and comparing goat milkers all over the internet and i finally found one i liked. The fruit jar milker- So i looked it up and they want $80. to $100. for this little guy! So i decide to make my own! And it works like a charm so i thought i would share! I only spent 25.oo on making this guy! The one i made is only for one teat milker. But you can easily change it up to two.

Fist you will need to buy a food saver -Rechargable Food saver vacume that looks like this.


You can find the vacuum food saver pump on amazon for 19.95. Next you will need a mason jar of your choosing. You will need two “o” rings, 6 foot of small clear hose, A Drill, a small piece of wood and a placstic syringe that will fit your goats teat and silicone. And that is it!

Ok lets get started. Take the top of your canning lid And you want to drill two holes in it so your hose and o rings will fit. It works best with the peace of wood under it.


Next you will want to put your o rings and clear hose threw the holes put a o ring on each side and silicone it so it won’t leak air and will sealed tight.

Next you will take one of the tubes and shove it into the top of the food saver rubber gasket, don’t worry you cant break it, well i am sure you could but it its pretty tough we shoved it through then put silicon on the top and the bottom to make sure it was air tight. Then take the other hose and shove it over the end of the syringe, if its a tight enough seal you wont need to put silicon on it. You can change it so that way you have 3 hoses if you choose to milk two teats at the same time but my one teat milker works just great!


when you get the food saver plug it in leave it plugged in for a full 24 hours then milk your goats run the food saver until it is completely dead, then put it back on the charger. the lid is easy to clean and to pull off and to stick on too a new jar. When cleaning i just pull the whole lid off, and the lid to the food saver vacuum and i run hot water with i a cap full of bleach threw the hoses and let air dry!

That is it folks! good luck! i am sure you will love your new milker as much as i do mine.

When to Wean Your Goats?

I have been reading up a lot on when to wean and when not to wean. So as with anything else i am going to just try it my own way and see how it goes lol..

So Weaning can be really stressful for everyone involved the doe and the kids, Now if you have a buckling in the mix you will want to wean him  sooner, as they can get there sisters or mother pregnant around 7 weeks old, so the sooner the better with buckling, now doe-lings can stay on a little bit longer. I have a total of 3 pens set up i have the nursery which is where the does have there kids, its equipped with heat lamps and straw and a little play set and there own water and food feeder, i have a general population pin that has its own big shelter and big play area and food and water and then i have the weaning pin that is right next to the nursery that is all set up with heat lamps straw and food also and a small play set also.

My does had their kids 3 days apart so i figured around the end of February i would wean the babies off and put them in the weaning pin, (And let them have a play date 3 times a week for a hour or so.)Now they can still see there moms and know that they are close by. This also keeps the does in milk as they can see them but they cant nurse, this is where i come in and get my milk, i haven’t milked them but only one time just to see how it tastes, smells the whole milking process ect. ect. ect.

So with them still being in milk i will be able to milk them, And then Freshen them after 1 month then i can continue to milk until they have one month left to go then i will let them dry off.

So i will wean the kids around 2 1/2 months to 3 months old, that gives me about 5 months of milk.

Around 3 months old the kids are eating almost all solid food and drinking on there own, a lot of people go by weight but this rule of thumb i think works best for me.  my little doe-lings are around 5 weeks old now and are already eating a little bit here and there, and woofing down grain every chance they get lol i have even seen them already drinking water, so i know by 3 months old they will be more than healthy enough to be on there own. So that my friends is my big plan!

When To Breed Your Goat?

Being kinda new to the goat world i have googled everything i can imagine and still haven’t found all the answers so sometimes you just gotta try things out for yourself and find what suits you best. So These are topics that i had a hard time finding  a clear answer on.

When to breed your goat? As a good rule of thumb no matter what i think everything should have a chance to grow, you do not want baby’s having baby’s so i give everyone a year or two my first goat baby i waited tell she was one and a half years old. That is always a good rule of thumb wait tell they are at least one if not older. This way their body has had time to grow strong and healthy. Everyone says to go by weight while i think weight is important i think age is  more important.

Now i raise both pygmy and nigerian dwarfs because both kid really easy and both can be bread year round where as your larger milk and meat goats only get a heat cycle once a year.Since Nigerians and pygmy’s  breed year-round, it is easy to stagger freshening in a herd for year-round production of milk. Thus, they are ideal milk goats for most families. Their milk has a higher butterfat content than milk from full-sized dairy goats, averaging 6.5% according to the American Dairy Goat Association. Later in lactation, butterfat can go up to 10% or even higher. This makes Nigerian Dwarf goat milk excellent for Cheese and soap making.

Ok so lets get started,Select a healthy doe that is at least 8 months old for breeding. Some breeders prefer to choose does that are 1 year old which is what i do. Does turn fertile quite early — at 7 weeks of age — but should be bred when they are physically mature. Do not choose skinny or overweight does, as they may have problems during childbirth.Closely observe the doe for signs that it is in heat. Mucus discharge from the vulva, mounting of other goats, vigorous tail-wagging and excitement upon seeing or smelling a buck are some of the signs that your doe is in heat.Pair your doe with a healthy male dwarf goat or buck and monitor them closely. Breeding takes place quickly. The doe will hunch her back when she has successfully mated. Separate the pair after successful breeding.

And just like that your done! make sure to write down the date and count out 145 days to 155 days and that will give you a close to exact date of when she will kid.



The New Year

Happy new year everyone! Things are going great, cold but great. I am so excited for this new year! lots of babies to born on the farm, and lots of things to do. The three baby goats are growing strong happy and healthy and FAST! way to fast!

Norman the cow goes into the butcher tomorrow, He has been a good steer and we have gave him a great life! I couldn’t be more happy with how fast and healthy he has grown and i am so thankful to have that meat for this coming year.

Chickens have all but stopped laying eggs so the the great chicken dispatch will be coming up shortly, And that will be even more wonderful meat for the up coming year. There are about 15 chickens, only 4 will be spared as they were just born this last fall.