When To Breed Your Goat?

Being kinda new to the goat world i have googled everything i can imagine and still haven’t found all the answers so sometimes you just gotta try things out for yourself and find what suits you best. So These are topics that i had a hard time finding  a clear answer on.

When to breed your goat? As a good rule of thumb no matter what i think everything should have a chance to grow, you do not want baby’s having baby’s so i give everyone a year or two my first goat baby i waited tell she was one and a half years old. That is always a good rule of thumb wait tell they are at least one if not older. This way their body has had time to grow strong and healthy. Everyone says to go by weight while i think weight is important i think age is  more important.

Now i raise both pygmy and nigerian dwarfs because both kid really easy and both can be bread year round where as your larger milk and meat goats only get a heat cycle once a year.Since Nigerians and pygmy’s  breed year-round, it is easy to stagger freshening in a herd for year-round production of milk. Thus, they are ideal milk goats for most families. Their milk has a higher butterfat content than milk from full-sized dairy goats, averaging 6.5% according to the American Dairy Goat Association. Later in lactation, butterfat can go up to 10% or even higher. This makes Nigerian Dwarf goat milk excellent for Cheese and soap making.

Ok so lets get started,Select a healthy doe that is at least 8 months old for breeding. Some breeders prefer to choose does that are 1 year old which is what i do. Does turn fertile quite early — at 7 weeks of age — but should be bred when they are physically mature. Do not choose skinny or overweight does, as they may have problems during childbirth.Closely observe the doe for signs that it is in heat. Mucus discharge from the vulva, mounting of other goats, vigorous tail-wagging and excitement upon seeing or smelling a buck are some of the signs that your doe is in heat.Pair your doe with a healthy male dwarf goat or buck and monitor them closely. Breeding takes place quickly. The doe will hunch her back when she has successfully mated. Separate the pair after successful breeding.

And just like that your done! make sure to write down the date and count out 145 days to 155 days and that will give you a close to exact date of when she will kid.



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