When to Wean Your Goats?

I have been reading up a lot on when to wean and when not to wean. So as with anything else i am going to just try it my own way and see how it goes lol..

So Weaning can be really stressful for everyone involved the doe and the kids, Now if you have a buckling in the mix you will want to wean him  sooner, as they can get there sisters or mother pregnant around 7 weeks old, so the sooner the better with buckling, now doe-lings can stay on a little bit longer. I have a total of 3 pens set up i have the nursery which is where the does have there kids, its equipped with heat lamps and straw and a little play set and there own water and food feeder, i have a general population pin that has its own big shelter and big play area and food and water and then i have the weaning pin that is right next to the nursery that is all set up with heat lamps straw and food also and a small play set also.

My does had their kids 3 days apart so i figured around the end of February i would wean the babies off and put them in the weaning pin, (And let them have a play date 3 times a week for a hour or so.)Now they can still see there moms and know that they are close by. This also keeps the does in milk as they can see them but they cant nurse, this is where i come in and get my milk, i haven’t milked them but only one time just to see how it tastes, smells the whole milking process ect. ect. ect.

So with them still being in milk i will be able to milk them, And then Freshen them after 1 month then i can continue to milk until they have one month left to go then i will let them dry off.

So i will wean the kids around 2 1/2 months to 3 months old, that gives me about 5 months of milk.

Around 3 months old the kids are eating almost all solid food and drinking on there own, a lot of people go by weight but this rule of thumb i think works best for me.  my little doe-lings are around 5 weeks old now and are already eating a little bit here and there, and woofing down grain every chance they get lol i have even seen them already drinking water, so i know by 3 months old they will be more than healthy enough to be on there own. So that my friends is my big plan!

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