Home made Goat Miker

So i have spent hours looking and comparing goat milkers all over the internet and i finally found one i liked. The fruit jar milker- So i looked it up and they want $80. to $100. for this little guy! So i decide to make my own! And it works like a charm so i thought i would share! I only spent 25.oo on making this guy! The one i made is only for one teat milker. But you can easily change it up to two.

Fist you will need to buy a food saver -Rechargable Food saver vacume that looks like this.


You can find the vacuum food saver pump on amazon for 19.95. Next you will need a mason jar of your choosing. You will need two “o” rings, 6 foot of small clear hose, A Drill, a small piece of wood and a placstic syringe that will fit your goats teat and silicone. And that is it!

Ok lets get started. Take the top of your canning lid And you want to drill two holes in it so your hose and o rings will fit. It works best with the peace of wood under it.


Next you will want to put your o rings and clear hose threw the holes put a o ring on each side and silicone it so it won’t leak air and will sealed tight.

Next you will take one of the tubes and shove it into the top of the food saver rubber gasket, don’t worry you cant break it, well i am sure you could but it its pretty tough we shoved it through then put silicon on the top and the bottom to make sure it was air tight. Then take the other hose and shove it over the end of the syringe, if its a tight enough seal you wont need to put silicon on it. You can change it so that way you have 3 hoses if you choose to milk two teats at the same time but my one teat milker works just great!


when you get the food saver plug it in leave it plugged in for a full 24 hours then milk your goats run the food saver until it is completely dead, then put it back on the charger. the lid is easy to clean and to pull off and to stick on too a new jar. When cleaning i just pull the whole lid off, and the lid to the food saver vacuum and i run hot water with i a cap full of bleach threw the hoses and let air dry!

That is it folks! good luck! i am sure you will love your new milker as much as i do mine.

18 thoughts on “Home made Goat Miker

  1. Did you actually use the nipple fittings that are shown in your first picture? If so where did you get them? What size tubing did you use? I’m trying to make this and not having much luck. I cannot get the tubing to stay attached to the Food Saver. What’s your trick? I’m losing suction somewhere. 😦
    Thanks for your help

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    • I used silicon to keep the hose attached to the food saver cap also make sure u use a smaller o ring then the size of tubing that way it stays real tight it’s kinda hard to shove the tubing threw but it can be done hope this helps! Oh and I just used the smallest tubing I could find I have no idea what size it is


    • I hold steady suction, until the milker is pressured up, once it reaches full pressure it will stop automatically. Then I will give it about one minute then press the button again, until full suction and it shuts off again. sometimes I will pull down just a little on the teat while the suction cup is on and it really helps the milk flow!


  2. So you don’t have to cycle/ pulse at all? I’ve never milked, but want to try. Our babies are weaning now and I’d like to start milking now. This can’t hurt the goat can it?


    • No not at all! Once the babies where about 3 weeks old I would put them in a pin at night away from mom, milk mom first thing in the morning then turn them all out together for the rest of the day. And I never cycle/ pulsed. However I have found that the battery can die quite fast over time so I would use the pump as long as I could then milk the rest by hand. Hope that helps!


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