Cold and colic 

yesterday my half Clydesdale  got hit with colic 😞 it’s been a long 24 hours but I am praying she is on the good side of things she is standing up and not laying down but I think she is still in pain.. 

So we loaded her in the horse trailer yesterday and took her to the vet after he put the warm water and mineral oil down her he examined her teeth and found the reason she colic it was because one of her top teeth in the back had grown so long she wasn’t chewing food up as good as she needed too, so he cut it off  

Horses eat in a figure 8 pattern and when there teeth get to long they can no longer grind the food down and when it goes threw the stomach in big peaces it can block up and cause colic , So make sure to get your horses teeth floated! This was a costly and painful mistake that I am kicking myself in the butt for! 

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