Goodbye sweet horse

My big beautiful horse did not make it. The gwen was a half Clydesdale she was the sweetest most kind hearted animal i have ever met, the words gentle giant dont even come close to explaining her. She was patient and kind and you could do anything on her, or around her. Rip gwen i will love you forever my sweet beautiful baby girl! my heart is broken with out you! so sad to know this was my last picture of her.img_5548

7 thoughts on “Goodbye sweet horse

      • She was about 12 I had her for 2 years then sold her and balled every day she was gone 8 months later she was up for sale so I drove 9 hours straight to buy her back, when I seen her my heart sank, she was starving she was skin and bones. I loaded her up and brought her home she was so hungry she had started eating her own hair it was horrible! I got her healthy and had her for another two years until this last winter which we ruled out as kidney failure! So I had her for about 4 maybe 5 years she was my beautiful Clydesdale I loved her so much! Thank you so much for caring!!!


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