Build a green house. 

This year we have decided to take growing a garden to a whole new level. We not only want to grow enough food for us but for the farmers market as well! To see exactly what, if any if there is a demand for fresh produce in this place, for some strange reason it’s crazy popular every where else but not so much in the basin and I just don’t get it! But anyways back to the green house, we bought a small garden shed and decided to build a green house off the one side of it and we used the old drain grates out of the barn for shelves and I have to admit it is coming along wonderfully!!  


Where Are You Buying Your Vegetable Garden Seeds?

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog You might ask (or be wondering), “Where is the best place to buy seeds for the garden?” Maybe it doesn’t matter much, but then again maybe it does. Do you care to share your preferred supplier or retailer where you buy your seeds? Spring is coming and hopefully […]

7 Vegetables You Should Be Starting Indoors Right NOW!

Image source: By Kristen Duever – Off The Grid News With gardening, there is always something to do, and when it comes to planting, this is especially true. Get a head start on your growing season by starting a few vegetables right now. That’s right: You can start planting your vegetables during February and […]

How to trim a goats feet.

Oh the weather has been amazing !!!  so along with all my other spring time routines I also like to trim the goats feet twice a year once in spring then again in fall. Goats in captivity can’t wear thier hooves down like they can in the wild or with a herd that is kept moving all the time, a few tricks you can do to help keep them worn down are place rocks in thier home to climb on , also put shingles on any of thier toys they climb on, shingles are my favorite as the run and jump the shingles keep wearing down thier hooves as they play but even with that they still need a little up keep. I first off get my sheers/ nippers and I put one of the goats on the milking stand, I give them grain ( because mine are spoiled)  I pick up the hoof and look it over and pick out any debri that might be trapped in the hoof and clean it out so I can see the inner pad of the hoof 

 i then nip off all the long peaces until the side hoof wall is even with the pad  

  if the toes are grown out real far I will nip them off also but always make sure you can see where the pad is because you don’t want to hurt that. And that’s it it’s really easy and they are all taken care of until fall!  


Goat toys! Happy goats won’t escape 

My first invention of goat toys did not go so well,   it was slotted wood grates and a few of the goats got there legs stuck in them which was very scary! Thank heavens no one got a broken leg! So we tore it down and are now looking into new toys so here a few ideas I came across. Happy goats that are not bored won’t want to find out what’s on the other side of the fence ! So keeping them busy and happy climbing and jumping keeps them in!