New goats 

So I couldn’t resist I seen these little wee babes and had to have them . Meet Lilly and Bambi Nigerian dewarfs they are 8 days old and are so much fun !!!  I am now up to 10 does !! Just waiting for my other Nigerian dewarf to have her babies! 


Easy Ways to Go GMO-Free (and Why You Should)

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How To DIY A Greenhouse: 9 Projects For Your Homestead

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Sunflower blossom goats! 

  Well we finally finished everything and all in the Nick of time lol lol it’s started raining and this morning we woke up to snow!!! Freaking snow!! So we got goat world all done and added a few awesome touches!! And the goats love it!!  No more saggy fence!! Now on to cow run way and a larger horse paddock!! 


Expanding the farm!

When you own a farm it seems the work is never done. We are putting up more fence today, we plan to build a bigger horse paddock at the end of the paddocks we have now and weld roofs over the paddocks, then we are fixing goat world lol so it looks a lot prettier no more saggy fence!! And we are runing fence down over the hillside so the goats can play in the rocks and trees !!! Stay tuned pics are coming as we set posts today!!!!! 

12 Must Know Before Expanding Your Livestock

By Lisa Tanner – SurvivoPedia Animals add a lot of value to the homestead. They provide companionship, food, furs, and more. However despite all the benefits, animals are a lot of work. If you’re contemplating bringing a new animal home to the farm, there’s a lot to think about first. Animals should never be an impulse […]

Hobby Homesteading: 3 Backyard Livestock Breeds Every Home Should Have

By  Tess Pennington – Ready Nutrition   Given the state of our economy, many suburbanites and rural homeowners are resorting to raising their own small livestock in order to slash their budgets and provide food essentials for their family. Because of this increase in suburban homes keeping livestock, many are taking a stand against HOAs to change their intolerant policies on […]

9 More Survival Skills Your Great-Grandparents Knew

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