Up and running!! 

Oh my heck I have been so busy!! So let’s dive in!! My Nigerian dwarf had 3 beautiful babies and I have been milking her! Her babies are 3 weeks old so I pull them off and put them in their own pin at night and milk the doe in the morning I have been getting almost 2 pints!!! So I have started making soaps and body washes!! On top of that I have been making bath bombs and body scrubs!!! 

You can check them all out at sunflowerblossomhw@etsy.com

On top of that I have been bottle feeding my other two Nigerian dwarfs and they have been growing so fast!! My wonderful mare is pregant and due any day any minute!!! So so excited!! And today was first day as a cake decorator!!! So much fun I will be sure to keep you all posted thanks for following!!! 

Back to Basics: 5 Ways To Make Toothpaste At Home

By Theresa Crouse – SurvivoPedia You grow your own food, you use coconut oil for moisturizer, and you clean your house with vinegar and maybe lemon oil. Why? You probably do it for a number of reasons. You want to be self-sufficient, you don’t want to eat or clean with toxic chemicals, and you want to […]


Happy goat life

Oh man have things been busy around here!! My beautiful Nigerian dwarf blessed us with 3 happy healthy babies!  

We also got my two new bottle feeder Nigerian dwarfs Bambi and Lilly and they are growing like weeds! Almost time to ween them from the bottle!! We also got 2 bottle feeder calves to butcher this fall for meat, and our own cow had a calf that we have named bandit! It has been babies galore around her now we are just waiting tell may or June when the horse is due!!