Koi pond care for winter 

  • Getting everything ready for colder weather means cleaning the koi pond and doing a complete water change. After alot of reading and research I finally have some awesome healthy fishes that I just love and adore! Getting the pond ready for fall we are going to try and get rid of as much algae as we can and clean the filters out really good, this sucks as it kills the biological filter built up in the pond but I figure with the next week still being warm we should be good and should give it time to come back. Floating plants: going to throw them all away as none wilk make through the cold weather and then they break down making a even bigger mess in the pond. My pond is about 150 gallons and I have 9 fish 4 koi and 5 goldfish. So let’s hope I can get this all done lol I will be taking all the fish out putting them in a container then before I put each koi back I will give them a 7 minute salt bath just to make sure they don’t have any parasites. Then they will go back into the fresh water!! I add a conditioner to the water to kill the heavy metals and I add about 1 cup of pond salt to the water to help kill any parasites and it’s really healthy for them !

Sunday fun day 

Sunday being our only day off you think we would relax but nope, not on this farm lol been up since 6 got a welding machine fixed for a fellow welder, now we are off to farm equipment fixing the swather getting it ready for our last hay cutting of the season ( thank heavens!) It needs a few teeth replaced then cleaned up and oiled and should be good to go! 

Goat breeding 101

My herd is half pygmys half Nigerian dwarfs that are papered so we took the trip to get them all a boyfriend. So meet jack he is 100% Nigerian dwarf and his mom and his sires mom both have milk stars from American dairy goat association. I am so excited for this spring, all the pygmys have been freshened and the Nigerians will be freshened about the end of October! Happy goat days!! 

Baby blue 

Oh the learning curve of our first baby and of course it has to be a stud colt lol. He is teaching me so much and he is a amazing fast learner! he will be 4 months old on the 29th of September and so far so good he is for the most part halter broke and leads kinda OK lol alot of head throwing but we are working on it! Gave him his fist bath last week and once the initial it’s not going to kill him wore off he was a champ about it, we can pick up all four feet and and his hugs are the best! Soon it will be time to ween him and that’s when all the real work starts we are thinking of weening him in October. Happy blue day everyone!!

Getting back into to the swing of things

Man I suck! Sorry faithful followers! Farm update. The family farm is no longer it is just me and my husband now, some people are just not meant to live together forever. No hard feelings just a parting if ways for the better. With that said I got a new horse Pete, new Billy goat for spring babies and just alot of cleaning up and taking care of business. I started painting the kitchen and have plans going for a new garden next year. We put in a koi pond this summer talk about addicting!! It’s been a whorl wind of craziness!! But I’m back now and won’t drop off again I swear!!