Goat disbudded? ?

I’m going to retract my previous post. Well not my previous but a while back I posted about the dis budding,dehorning your goats, and in the beginning I was all for it, well then I had two pygmies both females  I took them in when you know they first started showing that they were getting horns, I took them in and got them  disbudded like they say to do in every book on every website.  so I took them into the Vet the vet as a professional he gets paid to do this he does this for a living and he did it. well about 2 to 3 weeks later I noticed they were starting to get scurs so then I took them back to the vet and he redid it again I got to stay and watch and it was horiffic he burnt the goats ear her eye everything it was horrible for those poor babies those poor screams, it was awful and  nope still didn’t work totally came back both of my two female pygmies have scurs.  so then I bought  two Nigerian Dwarfs   they were dehorn disbudded by an amazing woman who has been doing that for 20-something years and you could tell that when I got them that it was a professional job, it looked great you could tell that she had done her job it looked like it looks in the pictures how it’s supposed to look they will be a year old in March and they now too have scurs growing it’s super sad I feel horrible about it because now some of them look super funky one of the pygmys has a scur that is growing into her head and luckily it’s not a strong horn and so when she rubs her head or plays on stuff it breaks it off so luckily I don’t have to saw or do any of that to it, the other pygmy that seen the vet twice has a beautiful crown growing now I feel horrible about it so hhorrible, so yes I’m going to leave my goats in the natural state that they’re supposed to be in, goats are supposed to have horns if they don’t have horns then they’re polled which I have two Nigerian dwarfs that are polled   which means they don’t grow horns which is super cool I’m going to try and carry on that bloodline but if they should have horns then they will have horns I will no longer be putting them through that horrible awful torture people say that it’s okay that they cry for a minute,  yes I know some people can handle it,some people can’t and as for this sunflower Blossom bench we will have horns.