Don’t worry I’m coming back!!

Howdy all! Long time no see!! Sorry! life has been nuts!! Sold the farm, sold all the animals. It’s been a sad sad year but we are on the up and up!!! We are buying a new place this coming week!!! And we will be building it from the ground up so be ready for tons of tutorials!!! As we will be building a beautiful 100% off grid home! And animal homes with ??? U guessed it goats! I can’t express enough how sad my life has been without goats, they are the best animal ever!

So as of right now we are city living and I’m currently a scentsy consultant! And I swear by scentsy I have been using scentsy for over 8 years so it only seems right to become a consultant! So I will be going into that here and their! I hope some of u have held on and are still following me!! Love u all and God bless!!!